I joined the project to do a logo animation for One Nature films and eventually I was commissioned with design work for the documentary Sisters of the Wilderness. Therefore I produced their poster, marketing campaign materials, titles and credits design.
The quality of the pictures were very low. That gave me the opportunity to work more with textures. I made a composition for the main poster that I adapted to the other materials. For the leaflets and DVD cover we used kraft paper that made it look more rustic.
DVD case
I also designed the media pack creating a consistent set of images portraying the animals, participants and landscapes that appear in the documentary.
Electronic Press Kit for online visualisation and print
I adapted the main poster to be used in different specs. This picture is from this version while being showcased in Cannes Festival 2018.
Sister of the Wilderness artwork showcased in Cannes Festival 2018
Inspired by my involvement on this project I designed and painted a mural in Istanbul that you can see here.

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