Searching for walls in Amman, Jordan, I met NGO 7Hills. I was amazed for the incredible work they were doing with kids, which I could appreciate with my own eyes. At the skate park there was this ramp with the back wall unfinished. The surface itself wasn't a wall really, but I decided that I would paint there as I could only make the place better. 
This is how the surface looked. The skate park was built by volunteers and with limited resources so it's understandable that the finishing wasn't perfect.
I used some light blue paint as a primer that would work as background too. This paint was kindly donated by Shams Community.
Picture courtesy of Lama Khateeb
Just with the layer of blue was looking much better, didn't it?
Once the primer layer dried I started sketching and painting with the sprays.
I left the grass that was on the surface as it really made it look better.
The turtle actually was Jacinta, the pet that was living freely in the garden from Shams Community. You can see an illustration and animation project I did for Shams here.

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