I conducted this shorts interviews from Myrto and Pani, two inhabitants of Nicosia, Cyprus. The videos aim to show some light in how it affects the past and present issues as refugee crisis and the island political division.
Below I embedded the playlist with 5 short videos.
Myrto shares her experience of growing up in Kaimakli, the neighbourhood where Buffer Zone´s sector two and three meets.
Myrto owns Tahta Kale wellbeing centre in Nicosia - you can see the video I produced for her here. Although she is professionally focused in sport and health services she has a very different background.
Pani worked as psychologist for refugees in Cyprus. In this video Pani shed some light about the struggles that asylum seekers suffer in in the island.
Pani commented about Cyprus's political situation and it impact to refugees.
You can also check the collage I left in the center of Nicosia inspired in their history and their culture.

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