Comunidad Energética is a TV program for a regional Spanish station. It is produced by Eduardo Soto Producciones and en red2 Comunicación. It aims to share different sustainable energy sources and it focus on the different communities and individuals that are helping to make this sustainable future a reality.  I produced the opening title.
I first created the visual identity of the program. You can see that process here.
I presented some ideas the client, who developed a script. After reviewing it and giving him some feedback I created the storyboard.  
All the materials are based in the concept of connecting green energy particles.
I prepared lower thirds, titles and transition templates. These are some examples:
I also created an explanatory animation video for the first episode. The animation lasts 3.5 minutes and I used a combination vector illustrations, stock graphics that I modified and some images. Here you have some short sections.

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