I joined a short course in motion graphics led by Sebastian Baptista where I explored some techniques in After Effects. I took this opportunity to create a simple cartoon character and a series of animations. I also experimented with the sound design to make the animations more alive.
There were some techniques I wanted to practice. I got hands on and wrote some ideas. From them, I made a selection that would become the series's 5 episodes. Then I started doing simple - but clear enough for me - storyboards for all of them.
I started creating the animations in black & white and when finished I added textures. I experimented with some expressions and effects. I did Keyframe animations for the main movements.
For the last episode I used Cinema 4D to model the background. Later, I finalized it in After Effects, added some textures and did some animation for the light effects.
When finished I showed them to a very demanding audience that provided some valuable feedback.
In other occasion I have had the opportunity to work more with Cinema 4D. You can see the project page for Green Mask product video here.

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