In 2019 I contributed this explanatory video by producing it, coordinating a team, illustrating, animating and other roles.
​​​​​​​Sophie Maliphant - creator of the Changing of Perception of Menstruation in Nepal initiative - had a video made with limited resources that would really benefited from an upgrade. I pitched my idea to her, I took that video as a starting point and worked on a script and ideas for the animations.
Afterwards I created the storyboard to explain the ideas more clearly.
Once the storyboard was approved I dug into the details and developed the project a bit more. Here you have the colour palette I created.
I originally took part contributing these two watercolour sketches for the creation of the poster advertised in the video. These were the inspiration for the story and the main character.
After doing a thorough research in Nepali culture, its people and its architecture, I created the different elements, backgrounds and characters.
I prepared all the illustrations and optimized them to be imported, finished and animated in Adobe After Effects. 
I used Duik Bassel for the rigging and animation of the Nepali girl. If you are into animation and haven't tried Duik Bassel, check it now!
During the process I searched for other professionals who would be keen to contribute. I started mainly searching for voice over artists as, in my experience, their contribution always makes a difference. Eventually we shaped a very completed and solid crew which was key to achieve the quality of the project.
The video earned visibility in Nepal and internationally. The NGO made important connections with other association and individuals that resulted in partnerships and associations that continue lasting until today.
Changing the Perception of Menstruation in Nepal: Chauppadi 
Original concept by Sophie Maliphant and Jose Carlos Conde Acuaviva for Changing the Perception of Menstruation in Nepal 
Produced by: Jose Carlos Conde Acuaviva 
Script and research: Sophie Maliphant 
Storyboard, graphics, animation and video editing: Jose Carlos Conde Acuaviva 
Animation enhanced with Duik Bassel from Rainbox Productions 
Voice: Bianca Rosemeyer, Sriram Ravishankar 
Voice Director: François Castellino 
Music Composed and Produced by: Sriram Ravishankar 
Executive Music Producer: Vaishnavi Adiga 
Piano: Tupur Verma 
Music Mix and Master: Anik Sharma 
Recorded at: VoiceKraft Studios 
Sound Engineer: Kaivalya Arekar 
Sound Design: Laurence Whatley, Jose Carlos Conde Acuaviva 
Sound Mix: Laurence Whatley 
Changing the Perception of Menstruation in Nepal is part of the initiative: The Country that Shook
To make the contribution fully, Sophie designed a new logo for The Country that Shook. I helped animating it while Laurence Whatley did the sound design for it.
Creating and animating characters is always a very fun project. You can also check the loop animations I did for Shams Community.

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