During the last years I have used sketchbook as journals. On them I have represented, using different styles and techniques, places, objects, people and experiences I met.
In some occasions I would film the process of the drawing.
Many times when I was sketching, I would set up my camera and would shoot a timelapse of myself within the subject of the sketch.
Here I was sketching Hortus Conclusus in Artas, Bethlehem, while pointing my camera to film the sunset. A Palestinian came by to say hi and pointed out that I was actually filming an Israeli settlement.
Some times the experiences and objects I find are quite shocking.
I usually mix different characters, places or objects. It's a way to make the world smaller and bring people together.
Some times, if the time is short of the environment isn't appropriate things don't go as I plan. In this spread I made a portrait of Ezgi, with whom I worked on my project of the Flying Library Istanbul. On the left portrait, I took my time, and used different techniques. The right one was way too rushed.
Drawing journals are a really good way to record my experiences. It is also a very nice way to get to meet people and it's great for seeing things in detail. I have some projects to do with those sketches but they haven't seen the light yet...
You can see more of these on my YouTube channel.

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