I illustrated this concept art for the puppet company La Tranfulla, in Spain. El pequeño Dick was a show inspired in Moby Dick by Herman Melville. The show aimed to raise awareness about the environmental impact suffered by the oceans. Afterwards we produced the puppets and sets reusing discarded materials. 
Along with the designs, I prepared some mock-ups for the different scenes of the show.
La Tranfulla's director was very happy with the output than he decided to go ahead with it. I did the art direction of the character and background making.
Following pictures are kindly provided by La Tranfulla.
The show's aim is to raise awareness about sea pollution. We decided to be consistent so we used lot's of different re-used materials. Actually that was very convenient as I made use of lot's of discarded materials and objects I had in my workshop!
As a part of the making team I used my airbrush and fluorescent paints. We installed special black lights to maximize puppet movements and scenes.
There are so many projects I have done with La Tranfulla. For example you can see this concept art I designed for Los tres gorditos.

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